Late Mr. Harrison Chibuike Eze

Ubani Victor Chinonyerem
Ubani Victor Chinonyerem
  • 16
  • RELATIONSHIP: Colleague
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Posted On: March 15th , 2020
  • Department: Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • State of Origin: Abia
Farewell Harry

Hello Harry,

Incase this gets to you, know that we miss you over here on earth, if we had a way to bring you back, believe me, we would have done that.  

You are no longer mortal, that's the advantage you have over us, you have seen Christ before us, we have heard alot about Heaven, I trust your enjoying life there, i learnt the streets of heaven are paved with gold, is it true? How big is your mansion there? Are the trees in heaven like ours? 

Harry, remember to plead our case to Christ in heaven, tell him how our country is, tell him about our case as pioneers. 

Good bye Harry, I know heaven is a wonderful place, and we are happy your there. We would meet you someday in heaven, mean while keep pleading for us.

Your friend


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Ken-Basil Ikechukwu Anazodo
Ken-Basil Ikechukwu Anazodo
  • 15
  • RELATIONSHIP: Course Mate
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Posted On: March 15th , 2020
  • Department: Mechatronics engineering
  • State of Origin: Anambra
Farewell Brother...

I don't know what to say...

If only his kidney wasn't affected too.

If only Funai clinic did the right test..

If he haven't self medicated..

If only he knew earlier..

If ...

So many ifs..

But it happened..

If it something that requires strength..

Harry would have had his way ..

I wouldn't even know what he was going through..

Maybe he wished for death... Maybe he accepted it willing...

We were not given the opportunity to know...

We were family but that isolated us.

On the 13th of March 2020..

Between the early hours of that day (4 to 5am) you gave up the race.. You accepted this faith that awaits us all..

But Harry why so sudden.. did you forget our plans, our wishes.. did you ababin your dreams...

Surely we lost someone of value..



Am not loosing a friend again talk more of a brother...

5yrs... Just like that...

We could have fought with him..

We could have helped..

If only they showed us light ..

They kept us in the dark, all through.. they hid everything from us...

Harry will rest in peace...

Harry would fight that such things don't repeat...

Harry lives in us....

In our hearts forever..


Rest on Brother... We meet again one day...

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Ugwu Chuwkwuemeka Adolphus
Ugwu Chuwkwuemeka Adolphus
  • 14
  • RELATIONSHIP: Colleague
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Posted On: March 15th , 2020
  • Department: Electrical Electronics Engineering
  • State of Origin: Enugu
I'm gonna miss disturbing you in class

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm when I heard the story I didn't even know where to start from cos I remembered we usually sat near each other in our combined class and I won't forget Engr Callister's last class before our exams, where I actually borrowed you my 400level note and you promised to return it, and now I'm hearing a different case...

I'm sorry I never said this to you, but I always admired you lifestyle as well as the decisions you always made, that was what made sitting near you in class fun.....

Well I don't have much to say but go in peace my dear friend Harrison and know that you will be dearly missed

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Umeakunne Chidi Christopher
Umeakunne Chidi Christopher
  • 13
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Posted On: March 15th , 2020
  • Department: Chemical engineering
  • State of Origin: Anambra
Farewell brother

If words could bring you back , I will  write , if crying could bring you back O' yes I will cry my eyes out , I only knew a little about you during my time as a legionary which was headed by you and at  those times you indeed  added massively to my spiritual life,  seeing  different groups you were in  prior to  your departure here on Earth showed the great role you played  to humanity at large, this and many more good works of God you did at NFCS  FUNAI chapter  gives me  great confidence  that you will be well received at the heaven's gate; jee nke oma Eze Harrison..we  will forever hold your dear in our hearts..

May your gentle soul rest in the arms of the Creator ..

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John Onyekwere
  • RELATIONSHIP: Colleague
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Posted On: March 15th , 2020
  • Department: Chemical Engineering
  • State of Origin: Ebonyi
You will forever live on in our hearts

Harry was a young man who wasn't known for much words but his silence could speak many words. Harry would smile even when he should be angry, he was slow to anger, he was a good man with a good heart. 

It breaks my heart that you left this world too early, it breaks my heart the more that I didn't see this coming, it breaks my heart much more that all those sleepless nights, all those tireless efforts, all the dedication, zeal, and hard work you gave into life just ended this way. But I believe you are in a much better place now, a world free from stress. 

I pray your soul finds eternal rest in the arms of the father. Rest on my brother, friend and colleague.

Rest in peace Eze Harrison Chibuike 


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Mr. Harrison Chibuike Eze Mr. Harrison Chibuike Eze

500L Student, Mechatronics Department, Alex Ekwueme Federal University

Date of Birth

11th of July 1996.

State of Origin

Ebonyi State, Nigeria..



Date of Passing

13th of March 2020.

Time of Passing


Other Information

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Late Mr. Eze Harrison Chibuike was born on the 11th of July 1996 to Dr. and Mrs. Eze, from Ugwuvuru_Opi_Nsukka in Enugu state.

He was the first son and second issue, out of five children. a girl and four boys. He grew up a Catholic, knowing his faith to the core, and attended Saint Teresa's College (STC) Nsukka in his secondary school level and his University level, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI).

He died a finalist (500 level) in Mechatronics engineering, on the 13th of March 2020.